Tweets from the past

Slovenian archaeology through sounds, symbols and first written words

Exhibition at the Frankfurt Archaeological Museum from 13 October 2023 to 17 March 2024.

The exhibition "Tweets from the Past. Slovenian Archeology. Sounds, Symbols and First Written Words" was launched on the initiative of the Archäologisches Museum Frankfurt as part of the events accompanying the Frankfurt Book Fair and the Guest of Honor Slovenia.

The aim of the exhibition is to present Slovenian archaeology through three specific object genres. First, archaeological objects associated with sound are on display. These are either musical instruments - from prehistoric flutes made of cave bear bones to ancient double flutes and medieval jew's harps - or rattles that were used in rituals or as children's toys.

The second group of objects are exhibits that bear symbols or have a symbolic meaning themselves. These can be prehistoric figures that are probably representations of deities unknown to us, small statues of ancient gods, objects with engraved astral symbols, figures in the form of animals, and picture supports with engraved figures that tell a story like a comic book.

The third genre of exhibits are archaeological objects bearing the oldest inscriptions from Slovenia. Among these are examples of Venetian writing from the early Iron Age on the fragment of a bronze situla and a silver plate, inscriptions with the names of local deities, an ancient miniature book and graffiti.


Photos © Tomaž Lauko, National Museum of Slovenia