Exhibition at the Archaeological Museum Frankfurt from 25 November 2022 to 10 April 2023

For the first time after their creation almost 2000 years ago, outstanding stone monuments of the Mithras cult from sanctuaries in the Roman city of NIDA (Frankfurt am Main-Heddernheim) left the area of Frankfurt city in October 2021. They were presented as a central component of the special exhibition "The Mystery of Mithras. Exploring the heart of a Roman cult" created in an international cooperation in the museums of Mariemont (Belgium) and Toulouse (France).

After this long journey, the internationally important cult images returned to Frankfurt and will be on display in the Archaeological Museum as part of the special exhibition " MITHRAS. Annäherungen an einen römischen Kult", which forms the conclusion of the project funded by the European Commission (mithra-project.eu).

In combination with finds from Mithras sanctuaries in Italy, France, Croatia, Hungary and Romania as well as from the Limes area in the Rhine-Main region, they open up a new perspective on this ancient deity and its fascinating cult, which to this day has puzzled science in many areas.