"Celts - A Thousand Years of Images" takes you back to a time without writing, populated by enigmatic images and fabulous creatures, to illustrate the abundance of artistic expression on the European continent during the last millennium before history.

Celtic art, with its curvilinear decoration, moving forms and exploded perspectives, flourished in the La Tène period, from the 5th century BC. Its motifs and figures activated the stories, myths and legends of these oral societies, marked by theatricality. They reveal a universe of metamorphoses that defy the laws of nature, where the boundaries between animal, vegetable and human are blurred, while the sky and the earth seem to communicate with the underground world.


This exhibition was conceived within the framework of the "Iron Age Europe" network. It was produced in collaboration with the Archaeological Museum of Munich and with the support of the European Archaeological Centre of Bibracte. The exhibition benefited from the exceptional loan of the very rich Celtic collections of the State of Bavaria, supplemented by loans from many other museums in Switzerland, Italy and Slovakia.